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Bridles are used to control horses and achieve desired performance. Although horses can be worked without them or with substitutes, a bridle with one or two bits can add extra finesse. The bridle allows you to communicate and control your mount.

For it to work properly, you need to select the bridle carefully according to the needs of you and your horse as well as the type of performance you expect. It must also be assembled correctly. Although there are many styles of bridles, the procedures for assembling and using them are similar.

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The three basic parts of a bridle

All bridles have three basic parts: bit, reins and headstall (Figure 1). The bit is the primary means of communication. The reins allow you to manipulate the bit and also serve as a secondary means of communication. The headstall holds the bit in place and may apply pressure to the poll.

The bit is the most important part of the bridle because it is the major tool of communication and control. Choose one that is suitable for the kind of performance you desire and one that is suitable for your horse.