Cheap Western Saddles For Sale

Western Saddles For Sale

The Western saddle was designed to be comfy for your horse and rider no matter if riding for hours at a stretch. Naturally the story with the western saddle is really as a tool for the working cowboy who spends all day, each day, on his horse and in the saddle.

Western Saddles are among our most favored saddles and are utilized for western riding. These are the saddles that are equally at home in the hollywood western movies or atop of horses on working cattle ranches through the entire Usa. No cowboy would be caught without a western saddle and plenty of riders have used a Western Saddle on pleasure trail rides at guest ranches.

The western saddle was made to deliver comfort and to protect the rider whenever traveling over rugged terrain over extended hours.

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The Western saddle is extremely different from an English saddle. Usually covered with sheepskin, the load bearing part of the saddle is very large however it should be padded by using a saddle pad to be able to produce a comfy fit for your horse. It's got no padding between the tree and the external leather and fleece skirting.

Western show saddles are usually quite adorned and elaborately carved with silver conchos along with other additions are often added to the saddle for show purposes. Due to the ability for personalization, the western saddle typically expresses the rider's taste and style. When choosing a western saddle select the best top quality saddle you really can afford as with proper saddle care a Western Saddle can last an entire life.